Chris and Linda

So so so much love for Chris and Linda and for this shoot. Sessions like this one are the reason I’m a photographer. The light was magic, these two are in so love, the location was swoon worthy, the whole nine yards. Would you believe me if I said that the first time I flipped through these pictures after the session I was squealing? Because I was. Next time I’m drowning in editing and baffled by everything business related, remind me of this shoot and I’ll be right as rain.

chris_and_linda-2chris_and_linda-10chris_and_linda-9chris_and_linda-4chris_and_linda-1chris_and_linda-3 chris_and_linda-11chris_and_linda-8chris_and_linda-12

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Baker Family

I looked forward to this family shoot for months. Seriously, I’m not exaggerating. Colby is the cutest, happiest baby ever, and he just steals everyone’s hearts. You can’t help but see how obsessed his parents are with him, and honestly, can you blame them? Any evening that’s full of yummy golden hour light, gorgeous mountain views, and squishy babies is an evening well spent, if you ask me.

baker-1 baker-2 baker-3 baker-4 baker-5 baker-6 baker-7 baker-8 baker-9 baker-10 baker-11

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Andrea and Dallin

What better way to kick off this website than with an engagement session? These two are high school sweethearts, and you would not believe how well they fit together. Dallin seriously had her laughing all. night. long. It was just the heart melting kind of love that makes it all worth it. Add that kind of love to a gorgeous fall backdrop? Yep yep, photographer heaven

img_4287 img_4229 img_4339img_4321img_4335 img_4419 img_4428 img_4456 img_4481


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